Dope Wolves are the first wolves NFT collection on the Oasis Network, with an original, exclusive, and hand-drawn design. Our artists created 161 assets. Within the collection, all the assets are ranked by their rarity. Quality is checked by our artists and the Dope Wolves team thoroughly.

Minting is now live!

Dope Wolves

Success Roadmap

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The Dope Wolves will be available to mint to the public. Will you be lucky enough?
Mint will be available 18th Febrary 2022 at 19:00 UTC


Hunting Season

Wolves need to hunt to survive, HUNT SEASONS are frequent events where your wolves will go hunting, and come back later with your $ROSE reward.


Level System

There will be exclusive drops regulary, the fastes wolves will be able to mint bones, which will make them evolve. Wolves' level will depend on their collected bones, the higher the level, the stronger the wolf will be, which will lead to a more successful HUNT.



If leveling your wolf wasn't enough, eventually, you'll be able to MUTATE him by giving him a syringe that makes him grow in size and in power, therefore obtaining higher rewards during HUNT SEASONS.


Play to earn

Use your wolves in a play to earn game to increase rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore and learn more about Dope Wolves.

Dope Wolves are 8888 unique avatars (The first 4444 wolves, will belong to GEN 1, and the other 4444, to GEN 2) The assets are ranked by their rarity. Every single piece of the assets is hand drawn and quality is checked by our artist thoughtfully.

Mint will be available 18th Febrary 2022 at 19:00 UTC

Dope Wolves are proud to live on the Oasis Network.

Presale: 249 $ROSE's per mint
Public: 299 $ROSE's per mint

*Price could fluctuate depending of $ROSE value at the moment of mint.